Racing Marks

Restricted Certificate of Safety

The South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) requires any vessel to have a current Certificate of Fitness (COF) and anyone sailing a vessel over 9 metres, to also be certified, with a minimum of a Day Skipper Ticket. COFs need to be renewed annually. The HBYC safety Officer can help arrange this. The forms for obtaining a SAMSA COF can be downloaded from their website

Whilst vessels under 9 metres do not require a SAMSA COF, HBYC has it’s own Restricted COF safety requirement. This can be downloaded by clicking the icon below. The restricted COF also needs to be renewed annually and is conducted by the club Safety Officer. We strongly believe that anyone sailing in coastal waters, should also have a strong level of competence, hence putting in place our own HBYC standards. Please talk to the club safety officer for details of the training available.