The handicap keelboats that sail regularily consists of the following designs
2 x L26s
1 x Grampion 26
1 x Flamenca
1 x Mountgay 30
2 x Lavranos 34s
1 x Muira
1 x Simonis 35
1 x Farr 40
1x Fast 42

Whilst several of the skippers fight hard for a posium position in each race, the spirit of HBYC racing is to have fun on the water and from time to time, we get a a couple of the pure cruising boats joining in.

In December 2016, the first three Hunter 19s arrived at HBYC. This class is one of the largest one-design fleets in South Africa, with over 300 boats built. Despite being over 45 years old the Hunters have proved to be ideal for Hout Bay waters. The fleet has grown to 10 boats, with crews ranging in age for 10 to over 70s! As each season progresses, we see novices going from back of the fleet to winning races, with boats finishing many races with literally seconds between them.
The Hunter 19 is also used for adult sailing instruction

Through generous funding from the National Lottery, the club have a range of dinghies that include:
Laser Pico
Laser Vego

In May 2018, we launched the idea of building the St Ayles 22′ Skiff (pronounced ‘Isles’). Originally designed in Scotland, to celebrate an age old tradition where dock workers in the local ship yards would build boats as a recreational pastime, the St Ayles Skiff is now built from kits all over the United Kingdom, Ireland, France USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

It is hoped that HBYC will not only pioneer these coastal rowing skiffs in the Cape, but promote the St Ayles Skiffs throughout South Africa. Skiffs can be rowed by all ages and friendly competitions are staged at clubs throughout the world. Each year a ‘Skiffie’ World Championship is held. In 2019 this will be in Stranraer in Scotland and HBYC has been invited!


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