Club Racing

In Summer:

Club racing is on Tuesday and Thursday evenings – Start Time 6.00pm and Saturday Afternoons – Start Time 2.30pm

In Winter:

Club racing is only on Saturday Afternoons – Start Time 2.30pm

How to get involved: Whether you are new to sailing, a new boat owner or a seasoned racer, HBYC is a great place to get involved in club racing.  Some of our skippers take things quite seriously (you know who you are!), however the majority just love the fun of friendly competition and time out in the bay!

The start line is generally set just outside of the outer breakwater of the harbour, so you only need to leave your mooring 30 minutes ahead of the start, to be in plenty of time to to settle in to having a great sail.

If you are looking for a crewing position, either ask someone to add you to our ‘Crew Connector’ WhatsApp group, or simply come down to the marina an hour or so before the race starts and ask people on the yachts to point you in the direction of a boat that needs crew. More often than not you’ll find a berth.

If you have little or no sailing experience, some of the boats are usually prepared to take you along (depending on the weather conditions). Be aware that you might find yourself being used as human ballast, however this is how most of us started!
Contact the club to be put in touch with one of the committee members, to discuss getting involved.

Out on the water …

Tune your VHF radio to channel 71 to hear the bridge announce the course for the event (generally 10-15 minutes ahead of the start time). The countdown to the start sequence is also given on Channel 71. The signals are 5 min /  4 min / 1 min / Start

Courses are generally set using the standard club racing marks, however occasionally temporary marks / start lines, might be laid to cope with unusual wind directions. Instructions will be given by radio, and as long as the start sequence has not commenced by all means call ‘Hout Bay Bridge’ and ask for clarity, if needed. In the Handicap keel boat class make sure you record your finish time and announce your finish on your radio.

Special events

From time to time the club organise special events like ‘medium distance racing’, ‘Women’s Day’ races, ‘Old Salts in Little Boats’ (where larger keel boat sailors take the helm of our Hunter 19 fleet)  and a number of other events.  You’ll find many of these  and other activities listed in the Club Calendar below.

Racing Marks

Restricted Certificate of Safety

The South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) requires any vessel to have a current Certificate of Fitness (COF) and anyone sailing a vessel over 9 metres, to also be certified, with a minimum of a Day Skipper Ticket. COFs need to be renewed annually. The HBYC safety Officer can help arrange this. The forms for obtaining a SAMSA COF can be downloaded from their website

Whilst vessels under 9 metres do not require a SAMSA COF, HBYC has it’s own Restricted COF safety requirement. This can be downloaded by clicking the icon below. The restricted COF also needs to be renewed annually and is conducted by the club Safety Officer. We strongly believe that anyone sailing in coastal waters, should also have a strong level of competence, hence putting in place our own HBYC standards. Please talk to the club safety officer for details of the training available.